How To Shop

How to Place an Order

Step 1


Click on the item you would like to buy and enter the Details page to see more information about the item – product description, shipping, and prices




  1. Choose the Size/Color/Style of your choice,


  1. Click “ADD TO CART” to add the item to your shopping cart successfully.

Step 2

The item has been added to the shopping cart, click “View Cart” or the “Cart” icon to see the item you added, If you still want to buy more items ignore the view cart and add the more items you want to buy to your shopping cart using the same procedure

Step 3

Once you are done shopping you click the shopping cart on the right side of your device. On the  cart page, you will view all the items you have purchased

  1. Click the “CHECKOUT” button to start the payment,


  1. You can also click “CONTINUE SHOPPING” to add more items to your cart,


  1. You may click “USE COUPON CODE” and enter your coupon code if available.


Step 4

Click “CHECKOUT” to start payment.


    Accurately fill your personal details

     Fill out your shipping address,

     Click the “PLACE ORDER” button.


Step 5

You will be redirected t the “PAYFAST” page. With PayFast it’s easy for anyone to make multiple payment methods online.